Today was like a dream.

I got up at 5am to have a car arrive at my door in good old suburbia at 6a. 

I got to the Dr. Phil show and straight into hair and makeup!

After hair/makeup Wendi, the producer sat with me and we talked about the questions and my answers.  I told Wendi I was so nervous.  She said to me, "Joey, don't be.  We picked you because you speak from your heart.  Just speak from your heart."  She went on to tell me - that I was the 'heart' of the panel. 

Wow.  When she said that I had to stop and realize...

So maybe I have a bachelor's degree in which it took 5 years to get.

So maybe I come from a small town and may still say ya'll - misuse the word idea/ideal and runon sentences.

So maybe my roots are dark and teeth crooked.

So maybe I gained weight from having a baby with a lot more to love.

So maybe I don't have lots of money.

So maybe I'm just a simple person and not a big politician or big activist or high profile TV Anchor.

So what.

I am a mom.  I am not going on stage to fight for black or white or being a diehard animal activist.

I am in this... because I fear for my sweet son.  I am here to speak my fears for his future.

I am here because of the distaste I have against professional athletes and how they think it's a RIGHT to be an athlete when in fact it is a privelidge.  (AND I'm human cause I KNOW I misspelled that word. ha)

I am here because of my fear of society and what is considered right and wrong.

The fact that professional athletes get away with MURDER.  And I do mean that. 

The football player whom was drunk and hit another man and killed him (Dante Stallworth).  Yet he WILL return to football.

The basketball player CONVICTED of rape (Kobe Bryant).

What about all the baseball players who got caught doing steroids?  They'll be in the Hall of Fame someday.

How do I, as a MOTHER tell my son when he cheers on The Eagles and says to me, "Mommy-didn't that Vick guy hurt a bunch of animals?"

"Yes, dear.  He did.  He hung, electrocuted, drowned, zapped INNOCENT animals because they didn't 'PERFORM'.   But honey... everyone deserves a 2nd chance!"


Why do I, have to work even HARDER as a parent because someone else 'grew up in the wrong light'?

You wanna talk "2nd chance"? 

What about that TEACHER who lost her job after posing nude in a magazine?

How about that EMT who got in trouble with the law, didn't hurt anyone or KILL anything?

NEITHER one will and did get their job back.


BUT Vick deserves a 2nd chance?





And the end. 


EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion.  That's why we live in America.