I'm so excited about this!  What a GREAT week I've had!!!

On Monday, I got to interview the Rockettes in NYC and today Boston and I are going to be on The Talk! 

It's a newer talk show on CBS.  It's on 2p ET and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

There are so many reasons why.  The best part about it - The hosts are REAL.  And that is so hard to find nowadays!!  I don't want to be ugly but I stopped watching The View because I couldn't stand their bickering...and the fact they focus only on celebs and guests. 

But on The Talk - they have the guests...and celebs...but they TALK about things that REAL people have to deal with !!  Marissa is my fave.  She always has her son on and she does segments on different things about parenting.  She's not a stick figure and she's a real person.  She'd be a total blast to have a playdate with!!

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Ok... I'l be sure to DVR it and share it here.  I swear!  Boston has been on more tv in his short 2 1/2 yrs than I have in a lifetime! =)



Hey!  Here's the 3 seconds we were on.  What fun that was!