Sono Bello Holiday Temptations

How do you feel today?

Are you STARTING to not feel so stuffed from Thanksgiving?  =)

I can totally relate with that feeling. TRUST ME. 

Here's the deal. Without telling you to NOT TOUCH the goodies at the Holiday Season - how about a few tips to tame temptation?

5 Tips to Tame Temptation:  Holiday Style


1)  Do NOT skip meals!!  That'll kill ya.  Grab something raw before heading to a party and gnaw on that a bit!

2)  ALCOHOL = BAD!!  lol I'm not one to have 'one and be done' so I just say no thanks on them all.  But seriously, even the non-alcoholic drinks can be loaded with thigh huggers!  Think before you matter what it is!  I LOVE drinking club soda with a splash of grenadine or toss in some fresh raspberries.  

3) If you MEGA chow at one meal, go light the next!  It only takes 500 calories a day (3,500 a week) above normal consumption to gain one pound.  ((GULP!!))

4) DON'T FOCUS ON FOOD!!  I know.  Easier said than done right?  Try some 'non-edible' projects around the house beside making 10 tons of cookies!!  Help with a charity, have friend over to make a wreath.... so much more to do than eating.  

5) SURVEY THE BUFFET!  Check it out before grabbing the biggest plate you can find and filling it to the brim!  Take TEENY TINY portions so you can enjoy it all.  

The holidays are obviously the time to enjoy food, family, friends & fun.  

Best tip:  Tell you're hubby you want a gift certificate to Sono Bello as your gift!!  

Get rid of the guilt and start 2013 out right!

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