Real Mom Reality


I've been waiting a few weeks before I could finally come out with my 'big announcement'.  Maybe because I wanted to really experience this.  Like anyone who walks in the door at Sono Bello in Wayne.  

Maybe because I'm so emotional about my body that I was fearful of really being honest with myself and sharing such a vulnerable moment in my life with you. 

But I've also realized...umm... if you've been following this blog at all-you ALREADY know all about the insanities I have in my head and heart about my self esteem & body image.

Gratefully, I've been blessed with hundreds of comments via here, facebook, twitter and even in person.  Your words are encouraging.  Thank you for that.

It's nice to know I'm not alone in this.

This bulge battle in life that we all fight in some way is a life long journey.  

So... with all that being said-here goes.....((GULP))

A few weeks ago, I experienced a life changer with a company called Sono Bello.  I always said-I'd never get lipo...that's way too extreme for me.  Being put to sleep and allowing someone to chip away at my years was a scary thought!

Especially now that I'm a mom.  It's like going skydiving or sailing the world.  Getting cosmetic surgery was something I always thought of as a dream come true...or a 'bucket list'. 

And this opportunity came around that was totally different than 'traditional liposuction' and I said  - why not? 

So I went for it.


I can tell you..from the moment I walked in the door at Sono Bello to the moment I've written this-I'm so glad I did. 

This post is really an intro to some really awesome information I plan to share with you about my journey to a healthier me.  I'm going to share with you my experience...the one that every person who walks in the door at Sono Bello experiences.  

I'm going to share with you the realistic expectations that even I, MISS GOOGLE MAMA couldn't find when googling 'What is Laser Assisted-Lipo?'  "Does it hurt?" What is non-invasive liposuction??  "What to expect post Lipo-Lite?"  "When can you ditch the compression garment?" "Does this make my butt look big?".  

Ok, so maybe a couple of those...ahem... slightly altered. hahaha

But the fact is.  There isn't much out there in regards to something that will change your life forever.  

Not to mention-honest words about what to expect before, during and after.

You'll be surprised at the info I have to share about Sono Bello.  I know I was when I was learning it!  

For instance...this isn't just a 'female issue'.  Men really struggle with problem areas too.  

But along the way...I want to make sure you know how I feel about this:

*Don't do this for someone else.  Do it for YOURSELF.

*There is no quick fix.  There are ways to jumpstart your life and move you in the direction to motivate you for me.  But there is NO fountain of youth....pill of magic...or instant gratification way to 'be thin'.

*Life is short.  If you don't love what your living....change it.