Stokke for Baby


I recently got the opportunity to review a baby brand that I personally had never heard of before!  When I got the packages - I realized I've seen these products on the market and always thought they were very cool.  

I'm not one to go for a traditional of anything.  I love unique and different things. 

Stokke is a Norwegian brand that just that!  U*N*I*Q*U*E*N*E*S*S!!

We got the chance to review the Stokke Xplory Stroller, the Tripp Trapp Chair & the Stokke MyCarrier.

Stokke MyCarrier

Now, with our new baby gift guide I was able to try out 2 other really great carriers.  One was a 'carrier' and the other a 'sling'.  I can honestly tell you this is even DIFFERENT than either of those!  The Stokke MyCarrier fits babies from birth up to two years and a two way front to back carrier.  What I love about this product is the way it feels.  It's very soft and versatile.  It's made with breathable organic cotton.  It has a small pocket to put things in like your keys and a sun/sleep shade for baby.

Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair

This thing is as modern, sleek and cool as it gets!  This product was created in 1972 from a dad's own desire for something 'better' for his son!  It's a very cool chair that doesn't take up a lot of space like the big bulky high chairs out there.  It's a solid wood color and can fit right under your table and out of the way.

Talk about cool AND convenience!  This is a chair that lasts throughout the ages.  From infant to adult!

What's great about this chair outside the fact it is great from 6-36 months all the way to grown ups is that it brings the 'floor to the little feet'.  No matter how big or small your baby or toddler is, the feet rest can grow to fit. And not only does the chair grow with your child, it can be custom fit to your child's body!

Totally cool, huh?

Actually...the next Stokke item is the COOLEST OF COOL!

Stokke Xplory Stroller

One of the most modern and easy to use strollers on the market!

Check us out in the video - right before my 7 week old and I hit the neighborhood for a smooth stroll!