Identity Theft of Kids:

Fox and Friends

This weekend I hopped the train to NYC to be a guest with Clayton Morris on Fox and Friends, seen on the Fox News Channel.  Now this wasn't a usual guest spot that I might do on tv talking about products on the market or the usual I do with Real Mom Media.  But this was the story of a real mom...who will shout her story from the rooftops if it helps one person from the hassle. 


That mom is ME.  

Back in March of 2009 I got a call from Target wanting to verify that I was trying to open up a credit card with them online.  We obviously didn't have any Target cards nor did I ever want one.  That little call (KUDOS to Target for doing) started a snowball effect for me and my family.

What a royal pain it has been too.

Here I am, FOUR years later and I'm still cleaning up the mess.

With over $100,000 worth of CRAP opened up in my name.  From cellphones to some random candy distributor in Indiana...the bill collectors kept coming in. 

The investigative reporter in me FLIPPED OUT.  I was able to get more information from one of the collectors that gave me a 314 area code phone number.  The person who stole my identity used an old address I had where I lived for 6 months in St. Louis, Mo.  314 is the area code there.  I wasn't sure if the number would work - but I gave it a shot.

A MAN: 'Hello?'

ME: 'Hi.  Can I speak to Joey Fortman?'

THE JERK:  'This is Joey Fortman.'


Granted.  Never smart to try and take the law into your own hands.  And needless to say-I had more choice words to say to him than that...but we'll leave it at that. 

Next thing I knew-he turned off the phone.  Fast forward.....

Through all this I was also able to uncover that someone (probably not the same person who stole my identity) tried to open a credit card account in my then 2 year olds name.  I was LIVID when I came across that.

I now have tight security on ALL of my family.  And as I'm still getting calls from creditors and have to rehash the hell of identity theft time and time again - I want others to learn from my experience.

My NUMBER ONE TIP I can give you is this - PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY!!!!  Don't think it won't happen to you...